Personal Training

If you are really serious about achieving your goals and getting results, you need to push your body past its comfort zone.
Pushing yourself shocks your body into Rapid Change, giving you results quicker, however, not everyone is capable of pushing their body to this point.

Some people see good results in the first few weeks of a training routine. This is simply because its a shock to your body and your body slowly adjusts - slowing the progress. This is called a plateau - where you begin to see less and less change to the point where you think there is no point continuing.

A Personal Trainer is not just someone who stands next to you during your workout, shouting at you to push harder. A Personal Trainer will give you encouragement during your workout, helping you push harder and keep you constantly motivated throughout your session and course.
Your Personal Trainer will stop you from feeling de-motivated and continue to shock your body by changing the routine and exercises on a regular basis, and by constantly increasing the intensity at a comfortable rate.

At some point or another, everyone will reach that point where they will either give up, continue unhappily or seek help from a Personal Trainer like Michelle.

Michelle is a Qualified Personal Trainer and if you want to see results, please contact her for a free consultation.


I have been a yo yo dieter for about 20years and never managed to keep the weight off.
I was over 2 stone heavier after both of my pregnancies. Snacking, no will power and not being a natural sporty or active type were my main problems.
A friend recommended Michelle and having seen for myself how well she looked, I finally after 6 months of deliberating, plucked up the courage to book some sessions at home.
My short term goal was to loose that last stubborn half a stone for my 40th birthday.

2 years on, I've lost and kept off a stone and my body fat percentage has gone down from 37% to 25%!
I'm the slimmest I've ever been and for the first time ever I've kept it off. I feel so much better in myself. My body shape has changed, I'm more toned and energetic.
Michelle is an amazing trainer. Her sessions are varied, fun and challenging.

She is so encouraging and hugely motivational. I can't speak highly enough of her as there is no way I could have achieved this without her.

Samina, Nottinghamshire

" I have had Michelle as my personal trainer for 9 months and would not hesitate in recommending her as she has motivated me to increase my fitness levels and also my self esteem.
It took me a while to find a female personal trainer and when I contacted Michelle she was very happy to come and meet me and discuss my needs. As soon as I met her I felt totally relaxed and we now have a really good relationship. She is really supportive and pushes me to my potential which she seems to know better than I do!
Michelle makes each session interesting and different so I have never been bored.

I am not an exercise "enthusiast" but really look forward to our sessions and feel fantastic afterwards.

I was so impressed when I first met Michelle that when I told my husband he wanted her to train him too! We have one session a week together and I have two sessions a week on my own with Michelle. I can't imagine being without her now as if she wasn't here to encourage and motivate me I wouldn't push myself as she does. "

Tracy, Nottinghamshire

" Michelle has been my personal trainer off and on for the last 3 years. She has been helping me in several ways. She would tailor my training program to suit my requirements and help me reach my goals.
She even worked out a specific training plan for me before I went into hospital for a serious operation to help me build up my strength and stamina in preparation for it. Michelle has always been there to motivate and support me she often works alongside me giving me praise also pushing me to do that little bit more because she knows I am capable of it.

In my opinion Michelle is one of the best personal trainers I have ever had. She has always encouraged me and recently when I was losing interest in attending the gym and was considering giving up she helped me make my decision to keep coming and helped me to see the benefits I was receiving."

Teresa, Nottinghamshire