So how does Nutrition fit into all of this Personal Training?
Well, without a good diet, you will NOT benefit from a Personal Trainer. With all the hard work in the world, and a bad diet, you will only see very little if any changes to your body.

It is not as hard as you think to eat better. You do not have to go on a strict diet to see results. You can still enjoy a lot of the foods you already eat, but in some cases, yes, you will have to cut certain foods out of your diet but the key is reducing calories without losing Nutritional value.

Some Personal Trainers like Michelle are able to provide Nutritional Advice as part of their service. Providing Nutritional Advice is not easy, as it takes many hours to understand your existing eating habits, types of foods you eat and the amount of calories you eat in the average week.

Michelle will first ask you to make a food diary so she can analyse it and start making adjustments.
Once Michelle has access to your food diary, analysed it and made adjustments, you will be able to follow her recommendations and after just 2 weeks, you will feel more energised, healthier and look more vibrant.

It is not always easy to stick with a change in diet, and coupled with a good exercise plan you may begin to feel the desire to snack - and this is where a lot of people go wrong. Michelle will be there to help keep you on track.

Why not ask Michelle to look at your food diary for suggestions?